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Ireland, from 1801 to 1923, was marked by a succession of financial and political mismanagement and neglect, which marginalised the Irish, and advanced Irish nationalism. Although the overwhelming majority of Unionists in Ireland proclaimed themselves «simultaneously Irish and British», even for them there was a pressure upon the adoption of Britishness after the Great Famine.

Genetic analysis reveals a strong similarity between the Y chromosome haplotypes of Irish men with Goidelic surnames, and males from the realm of Spain and Portugal, particularly Galicia, Asturias, and Cantabria (and maybe former Basque nation). R1b-M269’s incidence declines progressively with distance from these areas but it’s still frequent throughout the central areas of Europe.

At first the craic form was unusual outdoors Irish, even in an Irish context. Barney Rush’s Sixties song «The Crack Was Ninety in the Isle of Man» does not use the Irish-language spelling, neither is it used irish girls in Christy Moore’s 1978 version. The title of Four to the Bar’s 1994 concert album, Craic on the Road, uses the Irish-language spelling as an English-language pun, as does Irish comedian Dara Ó Briain’s 2012 show Craic Dealer.


Modern Irish are the inhabitants most genetically similar to the Bronze Age remains, adopted by Scottish and Welsh, and share more DNA with the three Bronze Age men from Rathlin Island than with the sooner Ballynahatty Neolithic woman. Historically, Christianity has been essentially the most influential and important religion in Britain, and it remains the declared religion of nearly all of the British individuals.

Many Irish people had been additionally transported to the island of Montserrat, to work as indentured servants, exiled prisoners or slaves. Unlike African chattel slaves, the majority of Irish labourers who have been despatched to Montserrat did so by private choice although they were tricked into doing so by the promise of cost and land of which they did not receive. Some were exiled by the English Oliver Cromwell due to the large Irish population and their attempted rebellion on 17 March 1768.

The occasions of the Darien Scheme, and the passing by the English Parliament of the Act of Settlement 1701 asserting the best to decide on the order of succession for English, Scottish and Irish thrones, escalated political hostilities between England and Scotland, and neutralised requires a united British individuals. The Parliament of Scotland responded by passing the Act of Security 1704, permitting it to appoint a special monarch to succeed to the Scottish crown from that of England, if it so wished. The English political perspective was that the appointment of a Jacobite monarchy in Scotland opened up the possibility of a Franco-Scottish navy conquest of England through the Second Hundred Years’ War and War of the Spanish Succession. However, the Act contained a provision that it will be suspended if the Parliament of Scotland entered into negotiations relating to the creation of a unified Parliament of Great Britain, which in turn would refund Scottish financial losses on the Darien Scheme. There is no single British language, though English is by far the primary language spoken by British residents, being spoken monolingually by greater than 70% of the UK population.

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This permitted the development of the American Dream, a cultural spirit distinct from that of its European founders. The 1783 Treaty of Paris represented Great Britain’s formal acknowledgement of the United States’ sovereignty at the end of the American Revolutionary War. British iconography stays present within the design of many Canadian flags, with 10 out of 13 Canadian provincial and territorial flags adopting some type of British symbolism in their design.

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However, «Mac» and «Mc» usually are not mutually exclusive, so, for instance, both «MacCarthy» and «McCarthy» are used. While each «Mac» and «Ó'» prefixes are Irish in origin, «Mac» is more frequent in Scotland and in Ulster than in the remainder of Ireland; moreover, «Ó» is way less common in Scotland than it’s in Ireland. The correct surname for a girl in Irish makes use of the feminine prefix nic (which means daughter) instead of mac. Thus a boy may be known as Mac Domhnaill whereas his sister can be referred to as Nic Dhomhnaill or Ní Dhomhnaill – the insertion of ‘h’ follows the female prefix in the case of most consonants (bar H, L, N, R, & T).

British individuals generally are known as brit or in plural britek however the term is less widespread. Great Britain is known as Nagy-Britannia but the United Kingdom is called Egyesült Királyság. Some individuals opted «to mix both identities» as «they felt Scottish or Welsh, however held a British passport and had been subsequently British», whereas others noticed themselves as completely Scottish or exclusively Welsh and «felt quite divorced from the British, whom they noticed as the English». Christianity remains the most important religion of the population of the United Kingdom within the 21st century, adopted by Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism after which Judaism by way of numbers of adherents. Secularism was superior in Britain in the course of the Age of Enlightenment, and modern British organisations such as the British Humanist Association and the National Secular Society offer the chance for his or her members to «debate and explore the moral and philosophical points in a non-spiritual setting».

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Although important modifications have been made, New Zealand is ruled by a democratic parliamentary framework comparable to the Westminster system, and retains Elizabeth II as the head of the monarchy of New Zealand. The flag of New Zealand contains a Union Flag—the flag of the United Kingdom—in the canton. A referendum held in 2016 found that 57% of New Zealand voters needed to retain the present design of the New Zealand flag.